NEW! Thermocopter PI 640 Thermography Drone

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It has finally arrived! By the user for the user. Thermocopter PI 640 is here. The infrared camera has a resolution of 640x480 pixels and the system is able to make a thermal recording of a radiometric stream at 24 Hz. Thus, it is possible to obtain clear photos that are a great advantage in the evaluation. We have combined the infrared camera, made by Optris, with a special MiniPC. This combination weighs about 680 grams. This Octocopter leaves no requirement unattended in all application areas of thermography. With under 5 kg of take-off weight, the thermograph, according to the regulations, requires only general permission and, therefore, could be always quickly deployed. The infrared camera is only available with a gimbal and a Mini PC. The gimbal is designed as a plug and play solution. In addition to Thermocopter PI 640, we also offer other tailor-made copter solutions and fit different copter systems. Depending on the customer requirement and application, alternative thermal imaging camera systems, such as Optris PI 450 or FLIR T620 are integrated into flying robots.


Thermografie Drohne Thermocopter PI640 ARFThermografie Drohne mit FLIR T620 im EinsatzInfrarotluftaufnahme PV Anlage in Sachsen mit Hotspot


Renting a Multicopter with the Infrared Camera

Do you need a multicopter with a thermal imaging camera for the survey? Flying robots with FLIR T 620 infrared camera and Optris PI 640 are available for renting. FLIR thermal imaging camera creates a radiometric image, whereas Optris plots a radiometric stream. The image of both thermal imaging systems has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.