Multicopter with Infrared PI 450 Optris Camera

Thermocopter PI 450 is a hexacopter, which provides the user with a longer flight time from 20 to 25 minutes. Optris PI 450 thermal imaging camera is integrated with a Mini PC on the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) . This lightweight kit of just 415 grams provides for a relatively long flight time. The resolution of the IR camera is 382 x 288 pixels. A highlight is the thermal sensitivity of 40 mk. There are three lenses to choose from. Wide-angle lenses of 62°, standard - of 38° and tele-photo lenses of 13°. The recording is performed on a microSD card. When a flying robot is deployed a live stream is sent to the ground video station. The pilot starts the recording of a radiometric stream on the radio control. This radiometric stream is recorded at up to 30 Hz. The hexacopter can be folded and easily transported in any standard vehicle. Thermocopter PI 450 is a development by the user for the user. We are happy to advise and provide you with a quote tailored to your needs. More information and technical details on Optris PI 450 thermal imaging camera may be obtained here. This is also available with us as a lightweight kit.


Drohne mit infrarotkamera von obenInfrarotkamera optris pi450 in KamerahalterungMulticoper zusammengeklappt mit IR-Kamera optris PI 450

Infrarotbild optris pi 450 Solarpark mit defekten PV Modulen SubstringInfrarotbild optris pi 450 Solarpark mit defekten PV Modulen mit Hotspotsthermografische Aufnahme von optrisPI 450 zeigt defekte PV Modulen

Multicopter zusammengeklappt propellerMultikopter optris pi450Multikopter Motor Propeller


Thermocopter PI 450 - a Complete System from € 18,900.00

Hexacopter Type HP-T680LG
Automatic position and height control
Remote control with telemetry (range approx. 2 km)
Multicopter can be folded
Unlimited GPS radius for route points incl. planning software
Transmission bandwidth of VGA (Video Graphics Array) 640 x 480 Pixel
Optris PI 450 infrared camera as a lightweight kit incl. evaluation software
Gimbal for Optris PI 450 - pitch-stabilized and can be tilted by 90°
Gimbal is exchangeable with other applications
Charger and batteries
Transport case for hexacopter
Flight time approx. 20 - 25 minutes (depending on the weather and wind)
Evaluation software for thermal imaging camera incl.
Take-off weight below 5 kg
Comprehensive insurance for thermocopter is optional


Instructions on the Flight System and Software

When you purchase a system, you will receive comprehensive instructions on the flight system, including planning software for the flight to the route points. Furthermore, the Instructions on the evaluation software include guidance for taking infrared images.

The flight system can be programmed with the flight route in advance and retrieved on site. Upon activation, the flying robot flies the route automatically. The Multicopter system is applied for the inspection of PV systems, building thermography and wind turbines. We recommend to perform the identification of faults on the photovoltaic systems on the basis of higher resolutions, 640 x 480 pixels, Optris PI 640, FLIR T 620 or FLIR T 660.


Evaluation with Optris Software

In the following video, the software is presented with a radiometric stream. The user can see the flight over the photovoltaic modules. The temperature is shown when the mouse moves over certain pixels. The evaluation software is very diverse and offers the user customized adaptability. The radiometric video allows for fast and easy regeneration of certain pictures by one click.