Mit dem Thermokopter PI640  Fehler finden an Photovoltaikanlagen

"Thermocopter PI 640" multicopter for infrared measurement


Thermography from the air


Thermographic imaging is a simple and critical method of inspection for industrial and construction companies. As a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), the "Thermocopter PI 640" multicopter is outstanding for the most diverse thermographic applications.  Examples of aerial thermographic imaging include inspection of solar energy systems or in building thermographs. In this case, drones play a very strong role. Quickly and reliably, they detect thermal anomalies such as hotspots, substrings, connection outlets, broken glass, and complete modules up to entire strings. Further areas of application for the Thermocopter PI 640 may be found in construction, industrial settings, and inspection of high-voltage facilities. Applications are conceivable everywhere, where temperature differences indicate irregularities.

This flying robot has been developed and configured especially for application as a source of thermographic images. The integrated optris PI 640 infrared camera has a resolution 640 x 480 pixels and records a radiometric stream of 24 Hz with our miniPC (in the video, each pixel indicates a temperature).  This provides the user sharply focused recordings, which is an advantage during evaluation. This combination of the optris PI 640 and the miniPC is available here exclusively. Alternatively, we also offer configurations with other heat imaging systems depending on application and customer needs, for example the optris PI 450 or and infrared camera from Flir's 600 series. More information about these infrared cameras is available in the categories listed. We build individual multicopter systems according to customer needs. If you would like to purchase a drone including a heat imaging camera, the we would be please to provide you a personalised offer.


Thermografie Drohne Thermocopter PI640 ARFKamerahalterung Thermografie Drohne Thermocopter PI640Thermografie Drohne Thermocopter PI 640

Infrarotbild aus der Luft von optris PI 640 Ubersichtsbild PV Module thermisch auffalliger SubstringInfrarotbild aus der Luft von optris PI 640 Ubersichtsbild Solarpark thermisch auffalligInfrarotbild aus der Luft von optris PI 640 Ubersichtsbild PV Module thermisch auffallig


Details about the "Thermocopter PI 640" imaging drone


  • Octocopter with brushless motor
  • Weight under 5 kg (2 batteries 4S featuring 5,000 mah each)
  • Autopilot with a flight radius of up to 500 metres, position hold, coming home, height regulation
  • The flight radius may be extended
  • Commercial software license including up to 100 way points
  • 2-axis gimbal (camera mount) with brushless motors
  • Autonomous operation possible for 2nd RC (2nd person to control the camera)
  • Infrared camera optris PI 640 including minPC (resolution 640 x 480 pixels) incl. software
  • GoPro Hero 3+ for recording real images
  • Additional technical details and prices
  • Technical details thermography drone and price in English

Upon purchase of a flight system, you will also receive instruction on how to handle the device, a flight course, and instruction in the optris software. The infrared images displayed on this page were produced during inspection of a solar park and display diverse thermally conspicuous solar modules. The infrared images were generated using software from optris.

Alternatively, heat imaging cameras for drones include the optris PI 450 (382 x 288 pixels), the FLIR T620, or the FLIR T660 (640 x 480 pixels). The IR cameras from FLIR also make it possible for the multicopters to remain below a launch weight of 5 kg with flight times of up to 15 minutes.