Photvoltaikanlage zum Verkauf

Photovoltaik systems check is the priority!


Many used photovoltaic systems, whether installed as a ground-mounted system or roof system, change their ownership. The interest of buyers in the operating photovoltaic systems was high in 2014 and is growing. In summer 2014, we had a 4.5 MWp PV system in Brandenburg on behalf of a solar farm operator, which they had recently acquired, inspected together with our TÜV certified expert. The review of the PV system on the part of the expert on the installation side showed no major defects. The detection of faults on the PV system at the module level was performed using a thermographic drone. In that case, after the evaluation of the aerial thermal images, a further fault analysis was carried out on the ground. In addition to the characteristic measurement, some faults on the solar system that were captured on the thermal image, were studied in detail again on the ground (see infrared images with faults on PV modules - abnormalities in the temperature pattern of the substrings). After the evaluation of thermal images, there were 189 solar modules with abnormalities in the temperature pattern of the substrings and 11 with hotspots detected, which were subsequently replaced. This experience shows that the confidence when purchasing PV systems is good, however the control of the PV system is better!

Photovoltaic inspection on one system of 2 Manuel Infrared Images

Fehler Substring02 an PV Modulen beim Solarpark CheckFehler Substring01 an PV Modulen beim Solarpark CheckFehler Substring03 an PV Modulen beim Solarpark Check


Even in the event of a PV system acquisition, whether large or small, the compensation claim is dependent on the time of commissioning. Nevertheless, it seems that many photovoltaic systems change ownership without independent inspection of the photovoltaic system by experts. This applies, in particular, to the identification of faults on the installation and on the PV module level. As they say, buying a pig in a poke. An independent inspection of PV systems should be important both for the seller and the buyer. Finally, the seller can achieve a higher selling price on the basis of the reliable expert report on the condition of the optimized PV system. We recommend an independent PV system inspection before buying or selling! Confidence when purchasing solar systems is good, however control of the photovoltaic system is better!