Infrared FLIR Camera of T600 SeriesThermografie Drohne mit FLIR T620 im Einsatz


FLIR thermal imaging cameras are ideal for the use in multicopter systems. Despite the weight, it is possible to configure the drones so that the take-off weight is less than 5 kg, which will provide for the sufficiency of the general permission for UAV. It is possible to integrate FLIR infrared camera into the communication for the flight control. Thus, a radiometric JPEG with abnormalities in the temperature pattern can be specifically targeted from the ground. Simply focus, trigger and save. An advantage of the IR camera is the switch to manual use. FLIR thermal imaging cameras with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels are ideal for thermal detection in the field of electrical and mechanical repair and building diagnostic survey. More information is provided in the User Report of FLIR company. We will be happy to advise and provide you with a nonbinding proposal.


Thermographic Images of PV Systems Using FLIR T620

Infrarotbild Solaranlage Blitzeinschlag ThueringenInfrarotbild von defekter PV Anlage mit Hotspot Glasbruch 01Infrarobild Fehler PV Anlage Sachsen Hotspot Glasbruch 02


Technical details of the thermal imaging camera of FLIR T 600 series

  • Optical resolution 640 x 480 Pixel
  • Thermal sensitivity depending on model 0.035 mK
  • MSX - Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging for more details
  • Combined storage of MSX®, thermal imaging and PIP (picture in picture)
  • Built-in GPS and compass
  • Digital camera of 5 megapixels for a reference image
  • Manual focus on the lens, including a quick one shot autofocus
  • Continuous autofocus only in model T 640
  • Surface coordinate measurement using laser pointer
  • Interfaces: Digital Video Interface, USB and a charging port to charge the battery
  • MPEG-4 video recording with/without radiometric data
  • Thermal fusion - combines digital image with IR image
  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Sketched, written and spoken comments
  • Digital zoom function
  • Meters Link ™ and WIFI


Infrarotkamera FLIR T600FLIR ipad

Since 2012, we have been using FLIR T620 in a multicopter. Upon request, FLIR adapted the infrared camera. A special cable, developed by us, allows for the focusing and initiation of the infrared images with control for the flying robots. Since we are talking here about a technical application, the roll axis on the camera mount (gimbal) was omitted. Since only the pitch axis is used, the weight is spared accordingly. On the basis of the microcopter concept it is possible to maintain the weight under 5 kg, which is, according to the regulations in Germany, requires only a general permission for UAV. Our conclusion: the camera has proven itself in every day work.

Comparies of Camera Modell of FLIR T600-Series

Screen resolution 480×360 PixelScreen resolution 640×480 PixelScreen resolution 640×480 Pixel
Temperature range -40°C to 650°CTemperature range -40°C to 650°CTemperature range -40°C to 2000°C
Thermal sensitivity <0.04°CThermal sensitivity <0.04°CThermal sensitivity <0.035°C
Fixed instrument settings: 6, pre-set and 2 customer pre-set settingsFixed instrument settings: 6, pre-set and 2 customer pre-set settingsFixed instrument settings: 6, pre-set and 2 customer pre-set settings
manual and automatic focusmanual and automatic focusmanual, automatic and continuous focus
Multispectral Image StorageMultispectral Image StorageMultispectral Image Storage
integrated GPSintegrated GPS
horizontal or vertical live line profile on a display
Radiometric IR video streaming via USBRadiometric IR video streaming via USBRadiometric IR video streaming via USB
1-4x continuous digital zoom1-4x continuous digital zoom1-8x continuous digital zoom